Some people don’t like surprises – especially when it comes to retirement income.

Guaranteed retirement income

Segregated fund products

If you're about to retire, consider how Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIFs) and payout annuities can play a powerful role in your investment and income portfolio. Get investment growth potential, insurance guarantees, and guaranteed income for life.

Saving with guarantees

Segregated fund products

When saving for retirement, it's important to stay invested. By including segregated fund products like Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIFs) in your investment portfolio, you can benefit from growth potential with insurance guarantees - helping you better weather rough markets and stay focused on your long term goal.

Sun Life offers a broad selection of Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIFs), segregated fund products designed to help you keep calm and carry on – even in the most uncertain of markets. Segregated fund products are offered exclusively by insurance companies and are designed to provide you with investment growth potential with insurance guarantees. And of course, they're proudly backed by Sun Life, a leader in risk management for over 150 years.

No surprises. Just smarter solutions and zero excitement.

Ask your advisor about Sun Life wealth solutions with guarantees.

They're a part of Money for Life - our customized approach to retirement planning.

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