Critical illness insurance

What is critical illness insurance?

Medical advances have dramatically improved the survival rates of people who suffer critical illnesses such as cancer, stroke and heart disease.  Recovery may come with a significant financial cost that impacts both you and the people close to you.

Critical illness insurance from Sun Life offers the financial help to pay the costs associated with life-altering illnesses. If you become sick with an illness covered by your policy and survive the waiting period, you’ll receive a lump-sum cash payment. And, unlike reimbursed health insurance benefits, you decide how to spend the money.

Types of critical illness insurance:

Sun Critical Illness Insurance

  • Gives you the advantage of comprehensive critical illness coverage that includes a broad range of covered illnesses
  • Adult plans are available in amounts of $25,000 to $3,000,000
  • Child plans are available in amounts of $25,000 to  $1,000,000
  • Available options include return of premium benefits and the ability to convert the policy to long term care insurance

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Express Critical Illness Insurance

  • 3 available plans offer coverage for 1 to 7 common life-threatening illnesses or conditions
  • Adult plans are available in amounts of $25,000 or $50,000
  • Online approval is instant with no medical or blood work required

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  • Replace your Sun Life group critical illness insurance

    • Did you have critical illness insurance with Sun Life through your employer, and your workplace coverage is ending?
    • If so, you can convert it for yourself, your spouse and children. Keep up to $100,000 of coverage for each you and your spouse, and $20,000 for each eligible child.
    • We won’t ask any health questions or medical tests, apply online in just minutes.

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Get critical illness insurance

  • Step 1
    Find an advisor

    Critical illness insurance is a specialized product. Your decision to buy coverage should be made with the help of someone who really understands the product. An advisor can help you determine the right coverage to meet your need to protect your family and your finances. Talk to your advisor or find an advisor near you to help answer your questions. There is no cost to talk to an advisor.

    Find an advisor

    How advisors help

    Tips on finding the right advisor

  • Step 2
    Meet with your advisor

    To get the most out of the meeting with your advisor, take some time beforehand to think carefully about what you want to achieve. And because your advisor will need additional information to help recommend the policy that’s right for you, get together some basic information about your income, assets and liabilities.

  • Step 3
    Apply for coverage

    Your advisor will handle the paperwork for you. You’ll need to submit an application for a policy that will be evaluated by the insurance company. Depending on your age and the type and amount of coverage you want, you will need to answer a medical questionnaire. You may also be asked to provide additional medical information.