Planning your retirement

Rocking chair? What rocking chair?

Retirement is a big, active chunk of your life. We can help you set your retirement goals, save the money you’ll need to reach them, live healthier while you’re retired, and plan to leave something for the next generation.

Looking forward to retirement? Find out if you’re saving enough to retire when and how you want.

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Ready to start tapping your retirement savings? Find out how much guaranteed income you can get from an annuity.

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Find out what factors can affect your CPP/QPP payments – and see an estimate of your pension income at different starting ages.

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All the moments of your life

Whether you’re thinking about your family, home, career, health or retirement – or any combination of these – we’ve got advice, products and services to help you live a brighter, more financially secure and healthier life.

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Are you on track to reach your goals?

An advisor can help you get on track for lifetime financial security – and stay there.

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